Student Loan Banks

The student lenders without a guarantee, student loans, instant loans to students, students with lenders, student loan without a guarantee in 2019 to continue in our article, we will be giving information about the full list. Some banks offer students the opportunity of unsecured credit.

This article also provides tips for students and parents who want to take out loans from banks to meet their specific needs. However, it should be reminded that the fact that you can use credit does not show that the record is good. Generally, students are granted scholarships by the state, and banks can use these loans to automatically collect these loan installments from scholarships.

For this reason, it is useful to investigate in detail before applying for a loan. What are the banks that give the student unsecured loans? Can students use credit instantly?

Are There Banks That Provide Student Loan Without Guarantees?

Student Loan

It is not easy to be a student in today’s conditions. Due to insufficient funds, both students and parents have problems meeting their special needs. Some banks provide loans to students so that students can easily focus on their courses during their student years. With loans to education, parents and students find opportunities to meet their educational needs. Detailed information about the banks providing training loans is given in the following section.

It is also important to remember some points you should pay attention to before you start to give information about the banks that give the student unsecured loans . Assuming that your student life has just begun, it is normal to assume that you need to use this kind of credit . However, you need to do your spending and income analysis well before you use a loan because entering into debt that is too high to pay will put both your student life and your future business life at risk.

Student Loans

DESKBANK Student Loan

Some banks provide special needs loans to students . One of these banks is the Education Loan from Deskbank, which provides opportunities for those whose education expenditures increase. The necessary documents for this Deskbank loan, which offers appropriate interest rates and a maturity of up to 60 months, are as follows:

  • Birth certificate,
  • Settlement document or official invoice sample for the last month,
  • Income certificate,
  • Student acceptance certificate.

Those who provide these documents can apply from Deskbank branch. If you do not have time to go to Deskbank branches, you can also apply online. However, Deskbank requests these documents again for the loan to be granted and invites you to the branch in order to transfer the money to the account.

Rose Bank Student Loan

Another loan that supports students is Rose Bank Education Loan. The guarantor is required for this loan application. For Irebank’s training loan,

  • Application form,
  • Birth certificate,
  • Income certificate
  • An invoice showing the cost of the training is required.


Yesin Credit also provides another training loan. This loan, which is given to both the student and the parent, offers a maturity of up to 36 months. Some of the documents required to apply for a loan within 24 hours are as follows;

  • Photocopy of identity card,
  • Income certificate,
  • Certificate of residence or invoice for services requiring subscription such as electricity, water, natural gas.

You can apply for loans quickly by choosing the banks listed above and you can get the loan into your account without any guarantor need. However, it should be kept in mind that in education and student loans, the amount of loans is limited by the banks and high amounts cannot be used.

Other Banks Lending to Students

Other Banks Lending to Students

Halk Bank, another bank that gives private loans to education, has an interest rate of 2.61 percent and offers a maturity of up to 36 months. For this training loan , which is available to parents or associate, master and doctorate students who are students of institutions such as public schools, private schools, sports schools and summer schools, a document indicating the training fees and a completed customer declaration form are requested and applications are made from Bulkbank branch.

Those who want to get more detailed information can visit the banks’ websites and get answers to the questions they have in mind. In addition, detailed information about the required documents is available on the websites of the banks.

Daisy Bank Loan to Student

Some banks provide loan support to students and their parents in order to meet the needs of the students for a better education. Daisy Bank is one of these banks that provides student loan.

Daisy Bank says that it is from us to work with you and to meet your needs. It provides the use of installment or overdraft accounts with a maturity of up to 36 months. Providing loans to students or parents, Daisy Bank also provides life insurance during the term of the loan . The documents requested for the Training Loan are as follows:

  • Application form,
  • Identity card, driver’s license or passport,
  • Income certificate according to the working status of the person,
  • Educational documents and invoice,
  • Other documents to be requested at the branch.

After providing these documents, you can go to Daisy Bank branches and specify your application request.

In addition, since Daisy Bank is the bank that students have used for their scholarships, it is worth mentioning that they can give very fast results in lending transactions. All transactions to be carried out by Daisy Bank can be completed in some cases without the need for a document since the bank recognizes you.

These loans, which Deskbank, Rose Bank, Yesin Credit, Bulkbank and Daisy Bank provide for education, are given to both students and parents. Those who wish to benefit from these training credits can apply to the bank branches with the necessary documents.

The Most Important Criteria for Credit Applications Credit Rating!

The Most Important Criteria for Credit Applications Credit Rating!

Even if you have to start a new life as a student, your credit rating to be able to use credit, you should know that there should be high. In general, students do not have any transaction history with banks before, so their credit ratings are zero. If you have worked with banks before, we can easily say that your credit rating has started to take shape.

However, if you have made transactions that have a negative impact on your credit rating in these studies, you may face problems that may prevent you from using credit in your current student life. For this reason, you should first learn your credit rating , you should get information from a banker about your record